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    I don't know how long HC records go back and I don't really care but I know Mistybay was the first post on PRR and SLT. Now I'm predicting PBI will go for a good run and hold its gains once the human trials are completed (which is imminent). The big boys in the sleep apnoea game will either be forced to do a JV or take a hostile takeover of the business to gain their cutting edge technology.

    And as for PRR, the announcements are just going to keep on rolling out. Their timeframes regarding development and commercialisation of technologies is rolling on. Their molecular ownership of powerful drugs by Arthron, developing immune therapy treatments of cancer - Cancer Vac, Panvax - developing a vaccine platform and Oncomab Ltd developing anti-cancer antibodies are all on track or ahead of schedule. On July 6 they were 2 years into their 3 year timeframe for commercialisation.

    This means the next 12 months in the life of PRR should see bulk, tangible announcements hitting the market and I expect the announcements will materialise into contracts as their options expire in 12 months and there's no chance the company will waive the chance of gaining extra revenue.

    I tell you now that when PRR has its next run it's going to break the dollar barrier and SLT will be in hot pursuit.SLT are much more advanced in the development stages, in fact they have successfully developed their hepatitis test kits and commercialisation and contracts will follow. I suspect SLT will outdo PRR marginally because of the number of shares on offer and the prospect of their market cap being higher as they will have a positive cash flow after only one deal with the Burnet Institute and the promise of many more to follow.

    All 3- PBI, SLT, and PRR will cause us to pause and reflect on the price we could have bought them at as they realise their goals. Mistybay told you of these when they were in their embryonic stage. His predictions have rung true. And remember cloud of sparrows emerged from a misty bay.

    For my money Kellygirl's prediction on SLT at 3.65 is the closest, but before you start laughing just give it a month or 2. Misty hasn't been wrong yet.

    Cheers for now
    Cloud Of Sparrows
    And remember the harder you work the luckier you get.
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