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re: mining the way mcneil know how.

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    << Yes - but pragmatically, can I make money from this? >>

    Hin DUB,
    Maybe you can - may be not.
    Where is the sp going to be just before X-mas when you get your new shares into your account ?
    You got a clear crystal ball then you are on the way.

    30c per share on offer equals today’s closing price.
    Nil gain there everything else being steady.
    Then you have the value of ½ an option per new share.
    Today’s closing @ 13c/2 = 6.5c per share.

    < at least we small shareholders get a chop at it >

    Interesting that they went this way rather than say $3K or $5k worth of shares per holder.

    33% of MMN holders are holding less than 10,000 shares.
    Entitlement @ 10K = 667 shares - 5K = 333 shares.

    A hell of an administration cost IMHO.

    88% of all holders are sitting on 100K or less
    100k = 6,667 new shares.

    There will be plenty to go around and holders can apply for more than the entitlement.

    < If dilution is going to happen, this seem to me a better way of doing it than has been used to date. >

    Why? Please expand on this. I don’t get it.

    No, I will not be pumping more money into anything with any McNeil on the board/management.

    I just don’t trust them.
    Been there done that.
    Too much c r a p and not enough honest action over the years.

    Statement after statement but when it comes to the delivery – well, we all know the old sad story with this company and its current board/management.

    Good luck all.
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