re: Meg Lees Quits Dems

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    Natasha was part of the GST debacle no matter how much she tries to distance herself from it. As for Meg Lee, she is a nasty peice that one. She left when she knew it would do the most harm to the pople who put her in her position in the first place - the Democrat party. Then she has the demerity to lie to the public about why she is leaving.

    Woman are unfortunately the worst bosses one can have, even woman say that. The Democrats have had a run of them.

    Shameful how the Demcrats run their Party - how ever would they run the Country. From Cheryl to Meg (who betrayed everyones vote) to Natasha, who might look good (only from waist up - she never has pictures of her from waist down for obvious reasons) and who sold out with Meg the Australians that voted them in to stop the GST (not that I am not in favour of a direct debit tax - but with tax reform, which Johnny was never going to delver on - now we just have another tax).

    Meg Lee's has shown no guts at all. When people leave a job on principle, they `stake' something - loss of income, need to find another job etc. Not Meg - she did nothing. On her principles she wouldn't. She stayed in her cushy paid job and sacrificed nothing. She is the worst of what Australia can produce, even amongst politicians.
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