re: Malaysias dr mahatir is a dill!

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    This is a first. I agree with the stance of DR M. He can see the great Western alliance forming around the US and as per his economic foresight he is raising a great Asian Muslim alliance. I agree only with the way his rhetoric will enhance opposition from the $US bashed Asian brothers. These are words of war and are not unlike the murmurings (or should I say shouting) of the Indonesians. Dr M can say what he likes without the risk of minority groups getting up his goat. No such hope of an Australian leader saying what he thinks. Too much spin doctoring and political correctness.
    Malaysia took a strong handed attack on the break away from a $US controlled Asia in '92 or thereabouts. He basically built from within and stopped the inequity of trading in $US, a very "on your own move" back then. It has paid great benefits for the Malaysian economy and position within the hub of Asia (excepting Singapore).
    He is an advocate of a new "Bretton Woods" based financial system and is pressing strongly for the Muslim states to deal in a newly formed gold "Dinar". Yet another bold move that could result in a major swing of economic power as the world fiat system deteriorates into bankruptcy.
    Dill, i dont think so. Racist, I am sure so. Howard a racist, no way. Just a poor western leader caught in a quagmire of political correctness and too many with too much to say.
    It is about time that we rounded up all these outspoken minorities and sent them to detention camps. It doesnt work. It never worked and multi culturalism is the scourge on which the Western society will fall. We loose our identity to the pandering of lefty, dild0 weilding gay and lesbian, red ragging soft c0cked w*nkers whilst the lesser multicultural societies UNITE.
    We are in for one hell of a ride!
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