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    re: Its now official crashy is a fkn idiot! Good one Russian................I think both Crashy and Hell have good points. Personally I prefer not to have tunnel vision one way or the other.

    I'm having a great time today. My shares are up nicely and the dogs I have puts on (BIL etc........) keep dropping. I'm using the money I make on my puts (slowly taking profits) to buy more undervalued shares. Come the end of the week my share portfolio will be worth just what it was a few weeks back except with a stack more shares in it!!

    Be interesting to see if my prediction a few weeks back of a low for our market in the 2950-3000 range holds up. Given the relative strength of our market and a nice support in the US at 7500 and the upcoming regulations on corporate responsibilty starting mid August I like the chances better each day. But,on the other hand I'm happy to be proven wrong as that'll just be another lesson learnt. I love this market!
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