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    re: IRAQ, US and UN - what a farce...Binder Binder says:

    "Answer this, what nation killed over two hundred thousand civilains. Answer: USA - Nagaski, Hiroshima. Who sent our young off to kill the villagers of Vietnam."

    Snooker replies:

    Wrong! Iraq initiated a war against Iran and Iran responded. Not only were soldiers killed but by the unwarranted aggression of your hero Sadam, more than 1 million men women and children from both sides were killed.

    Remember, kids were used by both sides as canon fodder, or were forced to walk where mines were laid in order to detonate them. (PArt of the tragedy was that mamnt children and their parents were brainwahed into believing that their deaths would give them a "direct pass into that eternal brothel in the sky. The irony was that parents from both sides believed the same thing. How could they both be right?)

    I attribute those millions of deaths solely on Sadams head.

    Beats what the Americans did by country miles.

    By the way, despite the fact that I am a great fan of the USA, don't think for one moment that I cannot see what drives their foreign policy.

    I am not a "blind follow all fan" who sees no faults, I just prefer them with warts and all than anything else on offer.

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