re: IRAQ, US and UN - what a farce...

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    Most of the world is fed up with your American crap. Land of the free, home of the brave. What BS. Racial riots, guns under every bed, that's more the truth. Ever hear of the term "ugly American"? If you every got out of your own space and experienced the real world, you'd realize that the majority of folk out there are hurting. No, they don't have mobile phone problems, in fact, they don't have running water, flush toilets, nor doctors to care for their children. If you yanks weren't so money crazy, you'd open your hearts and hear the cries of the Iraqi mothers crying out for medicines not available becauser your gov't decided their leader wasn't up to scratch. What a nerve. The high and mighty, sitting up there on Wall street judging the rest of us by YOUR standards. Well Mate, some people don't want your crap. Saddam may not be your knight in shiney armour, but he is the defender for most Iraqi, who are every day threatened by your armed forces. No wonder they need atomic weapons or worse. Your attitude of "If you're not with us, you are against us" is dividing the world, religion against religon, wealth against poor. You guys are pathic. Americans have their heads so high their bums, they've become sh-t, Answer this, what nation killed over two hundred thousand civilains. Answer: USA - Nagaski, Hiroshima. Who sent our young off to kill the villagers of Vietnam. The so-called Dominoe theory. More b-s. How can one person weld so much power. The President, And Bush wasn't even elected properly. His brother had to fiddled with the law. And here we are about to jump into a major war, over what? Religon. NO! Terrorism, Nah, that's the reaction. OIL is the answer. And good old Yankee greed.
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