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    Want to hear a true story?

    Unfortunately the child of a friend of mine was born without any eyelids and naturally the parents were pretty distraught.

    They went to a plastic surgeon who advised them that there wasn’t much he could do for them as the child immune system would reject any foreign body.

    When the doctor realized they were Jewish, he asked them if they were going to have the child (naturally it was a boy) circumcised.

    The mother responded that of course they would.

    So the doctor suggested that he could fashion eyelids out of the circumcised flesh and as it was from the child’s own body it would not be rejected.

    The mother thought about it and then exclaimed to the doctor, that she was worried the boy would grow up to be c*o*c*k-eyed.

    The doctor responded, “But madam, think of the foresight he will have”.

    The same is here, with me. I might have lost my foreskin as a baby, but on the flip side, boy did I gain plenty of foresight!
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