re: I am Muslim to Aflatoon and Rabbitoh

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    Rabbitoh, you first. I read that article earlier. It's not a spin, fool! He is being sarcasticbut that won't do for you, will it?

    Everybody in Israel feels absolutely shattered by what happened in Bali. I have been on the phone to half a dozen of my friends and they are not only outraged, they are in total disbelief that it happened to Australians, ordinary everyday Australians.

    They feel the pain and they know what we, and in particular, the relatives of the dead, injured and missing Australians are enduring at the momentm More than you and I. They have been there, done that and unfortunately experience it again.

    So try as hard as you like, it's well known that you are a Muslim apologist and you will go to any lengths to cast some kind of a slur on Israelis.

    Now your turn Aflatoon....The correct term is ... disputed territories. Have you ever wondered why it became disputed or even "occupied" only after 1967 and not before?

    Simply because before 1967 Egypt had Gaza, (not the Palestinians) and Jordan had the West Bank. Jordan was already and is a Palestinian country.

    Had the 5 Arab countries not attacked Israel in 1948 they would have lost nothing. Had the Arabs minded their own business they would not have got trounced in 1956 and had Nasser not had visions of grandeur in 1967, Israel would have still been iwithin pre 1967 borders.

    Oh, of course, the Yom Kippur war 1973, where the Arabs got trounced again, remember that one. The entire world knows that they (the Arabs) got done cold by tiny Israel despite the Arabs sneak attack, except the Arabs themselves who have convinced themselves that they won.

    Yet Israel, the so called expansionist country that you would have us all believe, gave back the Sinai which militarily is an enormous buffer, and not to mention the oil wells that Israel developed and needed so badly, yet stranegly considering that you and your ilk view Israel as a war mongering nation, gave all of it back to the utterly defeated Egyptians!

    And just for a piece of paper that offers a "cold peace".

    The Arabs lost 5 wars that they started.

    Show me one other nation on earth who has won 5 wars that were foistered onto them, and then been expected to or has given anything back. In Israel's case, worse still it is expected to give back land that is vital to it's security, land that they won at a high cost relative to their population, land that was orginially theirs before they were driven into exile 2,000 years ago, land that was forsaken by the interim population that lived there? (Read Mark Twain journals of his visit there in the late 19th century. Mark Twain shold be acceptable to you. He was not Jewish)

    There is a Palestinian state... Jordan. Another murderous Palestinian entity run by Arafat/Saddam thugs that boggles any normal persons mind.

    5000 territories the size of Israel fit into the rest of Arabia. If Jordan won't accept them, there plenty of room that could be offered by their Islamic loving, forgiving Allah the Graceful cousins etc etc (what rubbish).

    Problem is that they won't be offered 72 virgins each, so they stay where they are whilst Arafat and his cronies laugh and live well.
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