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    mate by the looks of things not even a mention in the australian can lift its share price. you have a major share holder which is a billion dollar hedge fund from memory selling all its stake and its hasnt even been a year, but hey the aus dollar keeps rising and theres some pretty good profits in it for them im suprised the share price has keep up so well with its constant selling. you know patient is a big thing when your searching for the next "big thing" you either win some or you lose some and i have to say that gunson has alot to win for themselves and for all of us who has bothered to wait this bloody long for a result. mr harley if your reading this its july now and your dfs should be out now even the australian knows that thats why on monday they gave you a plug but did you respond NO! i hope you have some rabits that your going to pull out of the hat cause 4 years is a long time and if you can get this thing together without the copper then hats off to you but in the mean time get this share price ticking its not every generation that you get a bull market like this especially when commodities are in involved
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