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re: goldbars price estimate

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    Hi Goldbars, I am interested in the timeframe for the possible $2 sp.
    If we take the lower of your production possibilities of 300,000 oz per annum and add a production cost 50% above Robertknas' prediction, say $300 per oz, we get $300 mil income ( at A$1000 per oz) for $90 mil of costs. $210 mil profit for roughly 100 mil shares. Seems to me that down the track the dividend could be more than $2. I know it's all crystal ball stuff and may be a ways off but gives some idea of the possibilities.
    On another front I watched the options trade today as I talked my brother into getting some. He bid 8c for 62000 and a seller sitting at 8.3 came down to him. Then a parcel of somewhere between 50000 and 100000 was sitting a 9c at got pulled pretty quickly as it was the next lowest offer. Didn't think this share had those sought of fake sells but it seems games are played on every stock I watch.
    Just found it interesting.
    I really enjoy this thread and will be interested to see when it runs whether we get invaded by all the knockers and rampers declaring ' $4 by next week!' etc.
    At the moment this is the least poisonous and most informative thrad on Hc, lets hope it stays that way!
    Cheers Mal
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