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    CRS - I sold Thanks for your responses,

    Over 80% of my financial activity is in trading rather than medium / long term investing - hence you can understand I don't hold very long.

    CRS, may or may not have the fundamentals - I honestly don't know.

    I have traded about six or seven gold stocks since the POG's recent positive moves - CRS being the most recent along with LHG, AOR and CNT.

    Every single time the POG has substantially increased overnight during the past three years, I have traded the following day and made good dollars. CRS to me is no different.

    Good luck to all those that hold overnight. For you, I hope CRS flies tomorrow. I made a decision based on my circumstances.

    If I see potential gains, I will be back in!

    Anyway, if I continued my gold stocks rampage only on paper, my girlfriend would've killed me - not that she doesn't trust me with our hard earnt $ (I hope)!

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