re: Finally, a Smart Gang Rapist

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    "It scares me," X1 said. "The thought of what might happen to my family if my name gets out. They have to be protected. You have to tell everyone my family has done nothing. They are very good people and don't deserve anything bad happening to them."

    What a hypocritical lousy, low-down bastard ... Did he ever consider those poor girls? I'm sure they were very good people who didn't deserve anything bad happening to them either ...

    The prison authorities better do their utmost to not let these animals take the soft option of suicide. Keep 'em alive and keep 'em suffering! Turning a blind eye to a bit of bruising (around the arse) and some broken bones is OK though ... Be careful going through doors and walking down stairs boys! Don't want you to have a nasty fall! hahaha!
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