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    Sorry, I've searched around and cannot find it (too many papers and too much time while on holiday...)

    For the record the article does include statistics and is not the Alan Kohler one from last weekend (I checked that one..) Interestingly Ross G!ttins did pick up on this same theme in the Age Sat*rday edition but it was a more side ways take.

    Essentially, there is a theory that goes something like this. Market movements are largely unpredictable - in fact the fact that people are predicting it so enthusiastically almost certainly means they will be wrong (housing).

    At the moment, anyone looking to buy a house in the last few months would have to have spent all that time on life support or in solitary isolation to be considering buying - isn't there a collapse to end all collapses coming ?

    But rather, demand has been dampened off and buying is proceeding at a much more cautious and slightly cheaper basis.

    This is not to say that a bust will not come, but it won't come imo when all the experts are standing around looking for it.

    Remember - markets climb walls of worry etc......

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