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re:email from ceo

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    Well mrblue when other people's money are up for grabs,the penalties don't necessarily deter some from telling porkie-pies to get their hands on the rolling stuff.Partly the reason for such bold risk-taking is the fact that many have gotten away with it!With the GFC,how many of those embroiled in the hedge fund scandals were bought to account?
    Our CEO tells us that he has put his savings into the company.Perhaps this is true but some of us would like more details about when,how and amounts.This information would qualify his unsubstantiated claim.
    The fact is,there is already a "lack of confidence" and the SP has "collapsed" twelve months ago.Nothing here to scare any CEO!Something tangible to boost investor confidence would have been the CEO detailing the proposed listing to prospective holders.Perhaps during a broadcast to the market.
    I couldn't care less if his dear mother posted here with reassurances about her little boy's integrity.Companies that are 'ticking all the right boxes' don't need to give permission to online posters to transcribe their emails.They are too busy building a company.KSX and now ISN have not released one convincing 'shareholder update' yet:just rehashed details of previous releases.
    Now if the SP was in the double digits,that would be a definite reason to be less suspicious of the pronouncements of ISN.

    Good Luck To All Holders
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