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    Got back from interstate today and I must admit that I have had a good laugh at your comments and that of pipi( the fish) and not to mention Bombadier( has a view on everything , must have been nostradamus in a previous life). As far as your concerned moneybags you must be either the most negative person on this forum or the most ill informed.
    Yes , I have posted many times on CNN and spreading what information I had at the time and spreading my researched information. I have said many times on this forum that I have substantial holdings and have not been frightened to speak. Yes I still am no. 3 shareholder and still have not sold any stock. I ,unlike you moneyrain , have put my money where my mouth is and am sick and tired of non holders like you telling me what to do with my money. I hold over 4 million shares and over 2 million options in CNN, what do you hold moneyrain. I have also told this forum on many occasions that I am holding for the long haul and will continue to do so and if the stock continues to fall then all the better to buy more. I have recently also taken a placement in bioglobal ( a division of CNN 43% owned) and continue to put my money where my mouth is and as far as I can see you know very little about CNN and its perhaps time you researched for yourself before you embarass yourself further.
    Next time spend some effort finding out some facts before you shoot from the hip.
    Pipi , firstly who are you and what right have you got acusing me of alias . I am sugarbowl on this forum and I am Mr delivery on ozestock and I have stated this before . Your the new kid on the block and perhaps what was your previous posting name.

    Happy trading all.
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