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re: Clive James views in the aftermath of the Bali

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    I was using intellectual in the sense perhaps that the Left thinks of one of it's own being an intellectual.

    If one has been to University,bought books over the scales,ie. by the kilogram (to decorate the shelves in their expensive homes or farms) read the flyer on Das Kapital,been to a few dirty art movies and refers to Howard as little Johnny then that person, I'm sure, would be welcomed by the Left as an outstanding intellectual. eg Phillip Adams. (In fact If my memory serves me correctly he refered to our beloved leader as,"that little t**d in canberra".)

    A member of the ALP could also make it even if he'd never been to University,as long as he had a fine collection of antique French clocks and dabbled in Economic Rationalism.

    (It took some of the annointers quite some time and a few visits from that bright little button Ralston Saul, from Canada, to convince them that Economic Rationalists are certainly non u when it comes to the big I. list. But that's the left for you it may be loaded with intellectuals but they do take a while to catch on.}

    I would not in a fit describe Clive James as an intellectual (I said he was writing like one as a parody on the Left's long list of annointed non entities).

    In fact I think we would be hard pressed to find very many on the Left or Right who deserves the title Intellectual.

    The reason in part for that is that most highly educated people specialise and do not have the breath of knowledge across many disciplines which I would suggest is the true mark of an intellectual.

    A few names with an intellect that could span most if not all disciplines spring to mind but you can make your own list according to this criteria.

    Fred, I love the refreshing iconoclastic cheek of Andrew
    Bolt but I would put Kevin Sheedy well above him on my big I. list.

    If you take Andrew Bolt too seriously you'll miss the wonderfull humour as he takes the mickey out of the Lefties who fondly imagine they are the real Mc Coy.

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