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re:calling the tfe man

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    As much as i would like TTY to be run separately from MON i think MK has other plans, Today i topped-up on TTY because we have been here before, understanding the fundamentals of the company if you hold long you will be rewarded.

    TTY has a good bit of cash in the bank and every ship that leves Darwin it gets bigger, with Windimurra gone, an additional $26.million, minus the steak in monarch is looking very good.

    Now with the companys ramping-up of production we have not been informed how this is being achieved, Extra hydraulic exeavator, Extra dump-trucks !!!

    The weather forcast for the top-end is still monsoonal but should clear mid March so no need to go back-up with my umbrella and bucket, wet season will be over and i would imagine major drilling to take place, more at Frances Creek,and Mt Bundey, this time next year TTY could be mining from too mines and railing to Darwin.

    I think we are going to need bigger ships !!!!!!!!!
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