re: Bruce Ruxton ... what a disgusting individual

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    Apart from the fact it was timed to be at the most offensive, typically, the Greens and the "old hag" didnt care a bit as long as another of their feel good/reality useless pet whinges got some TV coverage.

    The irony didnt escape me when "the old hag" was dribbling on about "War is Murder"........gee i never knew that, i just thought it was balloons on sticks at 20 paces.

    It struck me that i wonder if they would still be so firm in their beliefs to not want anyone to put their life on the line if they had lived in a place like say....nazi Germany.

    Can you picture this ,Bob Brown and the old hag sticking to their ideals........

    "No No boys...please dont take up arms to fight the nazis...we dont believe in War , its Murder....we'll just quietly get on the cattle cars with the Jews and the gypsies, and the mentally retarded and the queers, we qualify on the last 2 counts........please dont save us...we dont like War..we'd rather be exterminated...but we'll still come back to visit you later, our ideals unshaken......

    .......probably as soap.

    Yeah sure Bob ...happens all the time!!
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