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    re: Bracks Givs Victorians A Chance In the construction/engineering sector it is tipped that this month will see a whole STACK of state funded infrastructure projects. Companies like the one I work for (Geotechnical Consultancy) are treading water until the projects are announced, and are getting frustrated with the State Govts inability to make a decision.

    The 'repackaging' of the Eastern Fwy Tunnel with the Scoresby to make it cheaper by economy of scale is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard of, its not as if the Scoresby is a tunnel as well. The construction of the Tunnel is a specialist job and is going to be expensive no matter how its packaged. There are only three companies in Melbourne that are capable of designing that tunnel. One of them designed the CityLink tunnels; and as excellent as that company is, and as hamstrung as they were by their clients, the debacle that ensued has to count against them. So that leaves two to do the job.

    A lot of companies spent a lot of time and money getting proposals and joint bids together for the Eastern Tunnel Project. When the project is re-released all the contractors are going to do is factor the cost of preparing previous proposals into their bids. That money has to be recovered in some way.

    The current State Govt was better off letting the project go ahead instead of cancelling it on the tender date. I would use the analogy of the short sighted shopper who spends 3 weekends running from store to store to save $50 on a $800 Television... was the three weekends of effort worth the $50 saving?
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