re: Bracks Givs Victorians A Chance

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    Doyle is very impressive and IMHO will come across as such during the election.

    The Labor government came out with its slogan today ....... "Bracks - Listens - Acts"

    It took some wag about 10 seconds to come back with "Bracks - Listen - Axe"

    Can't you just imagine some hotshot advertising guru like Siimon with two "I"s slitting his throat?

    The Bracks government has been unable to do much because it has minimal talent. Almost every new member at the last election was either an ex schoolteacher or ex union research officer. An ex footballer became minister for sport - he was just looking for a job after football (upper house) and went from the ruck to a ministerial position. They just weren't ready - they had no plan but it's hard to blame them - nobody including them thought they had a chance.

    They haven't done much wrong - they've just spent most of what the libs left in the kitty (and that was plenty) to cover soft options like extra teachers and extra police. They are always incapable of taking hard decisions and when the money eventually runs out we may well end up in deep debt again.

    Victorians who say "don't forget what Kennet did" should should never forget that Kennet inherited a state that was 33 billion in debt and which was borrowing 2 billion per year to cover current expenditure. We had to install a $100 levy per ratepayer for two years to get out of the mess. That said, I think that this Labor government is much more responsible than the last lot.

    Should be fun to watch as it will be close and both Bracks and Doyle are good front men. (yeah I know Doyle is an ex teacher)

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