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    Oh yes Victor Thorn....

    here's another article linking th e Bush's with the NAZI's

    Read the satire piece > this article and see how maybe his versions of reality and fiction may have gotten a bit muddled...


    Victor Thorn – The Bush Family and Nazi Blood Money

    by Victor Thorn

    Have you ever wondered how Adolf Hitler, a destitute artist who lived in flophouses, was able to become Germany’s preeminent Furher-god in the 1930’s and 1940’s? I mean, how many near-homeless people are you aware of that have had such good fortune befall them? As many of you know, the Nazi phenomenon was not accidental. Instead, Wall Street bankers (among others) were the hidden financiers behind their meteoric rise to power. Even more regrettable is the fact that our current President’s family were among those who bankrolled and profited enormously from the German War Machine.

    Authors Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, in “George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography,” sum up the situation as such: “By deciding that Prescott Bush [George W. Bush’s grandfather] and the other directors of the Union Banking Company were legally FRONT MEN FOR THE NAZIS, the government avoided the more important historical issue: In what way were Hitler’s Nazis themselves hired, armed and instructed by the New York and London cliques of which Prescott Bush was an executive manager?”

    So, before getting into the nuts-and-bolts of this article, I’ll begin by saying that what you are about to read is not “new” information. It is readily available from a wide variety of sources, so please don’t think my intent is to break new ground. Rather, my purpose is to provide an overview of how Dutch Intelligence and U.S. Government files ‘confirm absolutely’ a direct link between Prescott Bush, the Thyssen Family, and death profits derived from our second world war. They derived this blood-money via the Union Banking Corporation (UBC), where Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker joined forces with German manufacturer Fritz Thyssen and bankrolled Adolf Hitler prior to, and during, WWII.

    Now, even though plenty of other companies helped the Nazis (like the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and Chase Bank, plus prominent American auto makers), Prescott Bush’s interests were much deeper and sinister. Not only was there a monetary link, but also business ties that were much more involved.

    What I’m trying to say is this: a good portion of the Bush Family’s financial foundation was established through their assistance to Adolf Hitler. Can you feel the ramifications of this statement? The current President of the United States, plus his father (an ex-President, V.P., and CIA Director) rose to the top of the American political ladder because their grandfather and in-laws aided and abetted the Nazis. The questions I want to ask right now are:

    1) Why won’t President Bush admit to these family crimes?
    2) Why won’t the media directly question him about these abhorrent crimes?

    Naturally, some may not believe that the Bush Family directly assisted the Germans, in essence committing treason against their own country. But sadly, it’s true. To prove it, let’s start at the beginning.

    In 1922, W. Averill Harriman, the infamous railroad magnate, traveled to Berlin where he met with members of the Thyssen Family to set-up a branch bank. And who became the President of this bank? George Herbert Walker, Prescott Bush’s father-in-law. Two years later, in 1924, the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) was created to join forces with Fritz Thyssen’s “Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart.” And who was appointed to DIRECTLY MANAGE UBC? Prescott Bush. Even better for Prescott was the fact that George Herbert Walker game him a tremendous break in 1926 by making him vice president and managing partner in Brown Brothers Harriman. And who did Prescott bring along with him to this firm? A handful of his Yale classmates from Skull & Bones. Plus, Prescott Bush was only one of seven shareholders in UBC.

    At this point you’re probably thinking, what’s the big deal? Nothing seems out-of-the-ordinary. This is nothing more than business as usual. But appearances can be deceiving, as we’ll soon find out. Y’see, right at the end of this Roaring Twenties, something happened that, when viewed in the context of Prescott Bush, puts everything in perspective.

    Authors Tarpley and Chaitkin once again in “George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography”: “The great financial collapse of 1929-31 shook America, Germany and Britain, weakening all governments. It also made the hard-pressed Prescott Bush even more willing to do whatever was necessary to retain his new place in the world. It was in this crisis that certain Anglo-Americans determined on the installation of a Hitler regime in Germany.”

    And who would be one of the key figures to initiate the change of the guard in Germany? The Bush Family’s business partner – Fritz Thyssen. This, I believe, would be a good time to take a look at what type of crowd the Bush’s were running around with. Fritz Thyssen was the first man to get the newly-formed Nazi Party off the ground by giving them $25,000 in the mid-1920’s. In 1931, he joined the Nazi Party, and soon became close friends with Adolf Hitler. Over the years, Thyssen came to be known as “Hitler’s most important and prominent financier” and became one of the primary figures in his rise to power. Thyssen was fascinated by Hitler, as he boasted, “I realized his orator gifts and his ability to lead the masses. What impressed me most, however, was the order that reigned over his meetings, the almost military discipline of his followers.”

    By September, 1932, Thyssen invited a cadre of German manufacturers to meet with Hitler, and all walked away overjoyed after he answered each question to their ‘utmost satisfaction.’ Thyssen was so overt in his praise and support that he even wrote a book entitled, “I Paid Hitler” where he comes clean about the role he played in Nazism since October, 1923.

    Fritz Thyssen was also influential in establishing the “German Steel Trust” which was founded in 1926 by Wall Street high-roller Clarence Dillon. And who was one of Dillon’s cohorts on this project? Prescott Bush’s father, Sam Bush. Thus, Fritz Thyssen became one of the men at the core of Germany’s War Machine due to his position at German Steel. His family also owned a slew of banks (on the sly, of course) that allowed the Thyssens to move their money from Berlin to Holland to New York City. That way, after World War II came to a close, they didn’t have to surrender their profits!

    But I’m jumping ahead of myself. Y’see, the Thyssen Family established three highly important banks during the 1920’s:

    1) August Thyssen Bank – Berlin
    2) Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart – Holland
    3) Union Banking Corporation (UBC) – New York City

    Now we’re starting to get somewhere. Why? Because the Thyssens received their initial financing from two places to start their War Machine operations: Brown Brothers Harriman, and UBC. And who were key figures at both of these places? George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush! Thus, UBC was set-up to transfer funds between Manhattan and Germany via Thyssen’s Dutch banks. The Thyssen’s got assistance in this endeavor from the Dutch Royal Family, who cooperated to hide their accounts in a variety of Dutch banks. This point is significant, for the chief perpetrator was Prince Bernhard. And what did he go on to create? Answer: the infamous Bilderberg group during the 1950s!

    UBC, then, became a secret pipeline for Nazi money as it went from Germany to Holland to the USA. And when they needed to replenish their supplies, Brown Brothers Harriman shipped their funds right back to Germany. Are you starting to see how this operation worked? UBC received the money from Holland, and Brown Brothers Harriman sent it back out. And who was on the Board of Directors of both companies? Yup, Prescott Bush! He was the Nazi’s primary money launderer!

    Their practices became so blatant and injurious to Americans that on October 10, 1942 the U.S. Government ordered the seizure of all Nazi Germany banking operations in New York City that were being conducted by Prescott Bush. UBC, with Bush as its director, was charged under the “Trading with the Enemy Act” and all their stocks were seized. And do you remember who I said owned all these stocks? There were only seven people – Prescott Bush, three Nazi financiers, and three Americans.

    But the crackdown didn’t end there; not by a long-shot. On October 26, 1942, the government ordered seizures of two other front companies that were run by Prescott Bush for the Harriman Banking firm:

    1) Holland-America Trading Corporation
    2) Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation

    Then, on November 11, 1942, ANOTHER company managed by Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker was seized under the “Trading with the Enemy Act” – Silesian-American Corporation. I don’t know if you’d agree, but if our government went to those lengths to shut down the Bush Family’s operations, I’d have to say they were involved in some seriously nasty business.

    John Loftus, who I quoted at the beginning of this article, said of this traitorous situation: “It is bad enough that the Bush Family helped raise the money for Thyssen to give Hitler his start in the 1920’s, but giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is treason. The Bush bank helped the Thyssens make the Nazi steel that killed Allied soldiers.”

    Tarpley and Chaitkin, in “George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography,” said it even more succinctly: “The President’s family fortune was largely a result of the Hitler Project.”

    Still not convinced? Well, how about this. The Union Banking Corporation, which Prescott Bush ran, in unison with Fritz Thyssen’s German Steel Trust, produced the following percentages of the Nazi War Machine:

    - 50.8% pig iron
    - 41.4% universal plate
    - 36% heavy plate
    - 38.5% galvanized steel
    - 45.5% pipes and tubes
    - 22.1% wire
    - 35% explosives

    All the above materials are needed to build tanks, fighter planes, guns and bombs – roughly 1/3 of the entire German War Machine – all of it bankrolled by not only an outward Nazi in Fritz Thyssen, but also the Bush Family as well.

    Anyway, if you’re not disgusted enough already, let’s jump forward a few years. The war ends in 1945, and Fritz Thyssen subsequently dies in 1951. Upon his death, the remaining shareholders at UBC liquidated their stock (these were the same assets frozen by our government under the “U.S. Alien Property Custodian Act” in 1942 and not given back until 1951). And guess who one of the beneficiaries was. You got – Prescott Bush! And how much money did he receive? $1.5 million. Coincidentally, Mr. Bush took these profits and instantly plunged it into starting his own business. Convenient, huh? Worse, Prescott Bush’s cohorts (the same Wall Street backstabbers that financed Hitler) are also the same ones that (over time) made George Bush Sr. CIA Director in the 1970’s and put him and his son into the White House! Now do you see why Dan Rather and the New York Times aren’t giving you this information?

    To confirm the above details, new information surfaced in 1996 that came from three different sources: a) Dutch journalist Eddy Roever b) U.S. Freedom of Information Act S.S. files and c) Alien Property Custodian Archives. The information derived from these sources paints an even nastier picture of the situation. It seems that UBC in New York City was owned by the Thyssens. Thus, the Bush Family’s primary banking facility was owned by, and their boss was, one of the most notorious behind-the-scenes Nazis of all-time! The big question at this point is, was Prescott Bush aware of his Nazi links and business dealings? Considering all the information brought out in this article, I’d have to say that as DIRECTOR of UBC, it was HIS ultimate responsibility to oversee every investment, including who they were made to and where they went.

    Another interesting note is that the Rockefeller Family also invested heavily in the Nazi War Machine. As it turns out, UBC was an essential element for the laundering of dirty money that was derived from the Rockefeller’s investments in Germany during the war. This scenario becomes even more interesting when we find that the Rockefeller’s bank – Chase Manhattan – wound up with 31% ownership of the Thyssen Group after WWII!

    This point is very important for TBC (the Thyssen Group) is the largest industry in Germany today, worth $50 billion. They’re so huge that they even bought out the Krupp Family, who were infamous weapons suppliers for the Nazis. In essence, they are one of the richest companies in the world, and where did their start-up money come from? The Nazis!

    What we have then are links to the three major secret trade organizations in the world. Prince Bernhard, who founded the Bilderbergs, enabled the Thyssen Family to launder their money through Holland, while the Rockefellers bought nearly 1/3 controlling interest of Thyssen (David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission). And finally, Brown Brothers Harriman and UBC, through which Nazi money was funneled into America, was largely formed by Yale’s Skull & Bones members, all of whom were instrumental in forming the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Are you beginning to see how all of these organizations are interconnected like the giant tentacles of an evil octopus?

    Finally, in regard to the Bush Family, we’ve discussed in this article how the Bush Family fortune was mounted on the back of Nazi blood-money. Plus, in a prior article that I wrote (See Babel # 58) we discovered that the Bush Family has also enjoyed business relations with the bin Laden family for the past thirty years, and both belonged to the Carlyle Group. Knowing this, what type of loyalties and decisions do you think George W. Bush will make - those that benefit everyday American citizens, or those made by his puppet-masters? If you ask me, I’d say we’re in trouble.


    David Rockefeller Speaks

    satire by Victor Thorn

    Breaking News: Late last night, President George Bush admitted to “The Economist” magazine that not only did he and other members of his Cabinet know about the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, but that they also allowed them to happen so that American oil companies could further maximize their profits in the Middle East and Caspian Region of Turkmenistan.

    Paul Wolfowitz, Deputy Secretary of Defense, confirmed this startling revelation to the Washington Post by saying that the airplanes in question were never actually hijacked, but were flown via remote-control into the each skyscraper and the Pentagon while military jets were ordered to “stand-down” until this atrocity took place.

    In another part of the world, Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, held a press conference in Harare, Zimbabwe where he confessed that the AIDS virus did not happen ‘accidentally,’ but was rather created by the World Health Organization in unison with rogue elements of the United States military in order to deliberately kill tens of millions of innocent people (or ‘useless eaters’ as they are called behind closed-doors). Annan further elaborated by saying that this genocidal program will continue indefinitely until “enough of the herd has been thinned.”

    While this startling news unfolded, CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather broke into regularly scheduled prime-time programming to announce that the very foundation of American society – our right to a democratic vote – has been declared null-and-void, and that the American people have been bamboozled for the past twenty years via “Votescam.” In other words, Rather said matter-of-factly, every President in recent memory has been ‘selected’ beforehand by a group of hidden Controllers, while the process of voting at the ballot boxes has been nothing but a ruse.

    While all of these events took place, Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, sat before Congress under the glare of television cameras and laid it all on the line. He said in no uncertain terms that the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned, for-profit corporation, and that his international banker bosses laugh until their stomachs hurt every day over the tax system they’ve created to pad their already overflowing pockets. Greenspan even went so far as to quote a Rothschild family member as saying, “The people of America, and indeed the world, are dumkopfs (idiots). They slave away at OUR companies and make US rich; then before we throw them a few scraps via their paychecks, we take our money first. Hell, we don’t even take it … we STEAL it … anywhere from ¼ to 1/3 right off the bat. They don’t even see it. And every year we raise their taxes and take even more! And what do they do about it? Nothing. They don’t even fight back.” All of the congressmen laughed uproariously as they left this session and hopped into their limousines, which took them to fancy steak and lobster houses.

    George Tenet, CIA Director, got into the act by telling syndicated radio talk-show host Mike Gallagher his agency will increase its black-budget drug-trafficking practices while the FBI at the same time bolsters it War on Drugs. In other words, he said that while the CIA keeps bringing drugs into the country, the Justice Department will keep throwing the users into jail. He even said that President Bush might bring back Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” program for good measure.

    As this news flashed across computer screens the world over, David Rockefeller sat in a plush European boardroom with members of the Rothschild, Morgan, Warburg, and Bronfman families. And even though the above-mentioned revelations were highly damaging to the ruse they had perpetuated for decades, none seemed worried.

    Mr. Rockefeller began with an air of superiority. “Why should we be concerned? Do you know what everyone on the Internet is going to do?”

    “What?” one of his shadowy cohorts replied.

    “They’re going to tap out a message on their keyboards, then rifle it off into cyberspace. Then someone else will read it, post it on a message board; and continue tapping away. Hell, we rammed two jets into the World Trade Center, and now they know the truth about what we’ve done! THEY KNOW THE TRUTH! It’s the same as when we blew-up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and made Timothy McVeigh our fall-guy. But what are they going to do? Send more messages on their silly computers! It’s a riot. Plus, we’ve also admitted that we actually STEAL their money via taxation, that we CREATED the AIDS virus to kill them off, that their votes DON’T matter, and that we’re going to start shipping their sons and daughters off to another Vietnam War in Iraq to DIE so that WE can make more profits for our energy and drug cartels. They all know the truth now … there’s no more doubt about it – and what do they do? Sit in padded chairs in front of their computer screens and type out messages to each other. It’s like: “Hey, George, guess what. The government really DID know about the World Trade Center attacks, and they let it happen anyway. Now I’m going to see if I can find any information about the UFO’s out at Area 51.””

    “Doesn’t it trouble you, though, that there are so many people on the Internet finding out the truth?” another man blurted.

    “Why should it?” Rockefeller smiled. “None of them are doing anything about it. Hell, they can read fifty articles a day. What do we care as long as none of them do anything about it? I laugh my ass off at all of them as they’re tap tap tapping away. Why do you think we pushed this whole Internet idea on them anyway? To keep them secured to their screens and physically isolated from each other. It’s hard to revolt against us when they’re all sitting in front of a monitor.”

    “But David,” a senior Rothschild official interrupted. “What if they start getting organized?”

    “Then,” Mr. Rockefeller sighed, “we have problems. But the good thing is; we control some of the most well-known ‘alternative’ news sites on the Internet. They’re nothing but front-groups that give the appearance of being legitimate, but in reality they’re nothing but plants.”

    “There’s so much information on those sites, though,” another man objected.

    “That’s true,” Rockefeller said wryly, “but information is useless unless it’s followed by action. I don’t give a damn if they know every secret in creation … a lot of them already do! But as long as they don’t do anything, let ‘em keep passing their little articles back and forth.”

    “I agree,” a stern-faced woman chimed-in. “But there’s recently been talk about an independent Internet news and action group called WING – World Independent News Group – that’s bringing all of these news services and websites together en masse so that they can actually challenge the mainstream media that we control.”

    “In all reality,” Rockefeller responded, “this is currently the biggest challenge to our authority that exists in the world today. And if you want to know the truth, it would be so easy for them to pull-off. All they have to do is get a growing movement of regular, everyday citizens to see through our smokescreen, and in no time the illusion would be over. Once Americans; and people of the world in general, have lost utter faith in the credibility of our mass-conditioned media, we’ve lost the game. At the time being, most everyone questions the media, but they still tune-into CNN and read Time Magazine. What a bunch of dupes. But if a viable alternative presents itself that is above and beyond the lies that we tell … in other words … if they tell the truth and expose us on this WING site – it’s all over. And here’s the clincher. The other night we listened into a telephone conversation between Victor Thorn and a well-known reporter, and she said that she couldn’t believe that ANY of the alternative sites wouldn’t want to be a part of this movement. And guess what. The everyday people who read Thorn’s ideas are adamantly in agreement with him. But it’s a few of the crucial alternative websites that aren’t lending their support by informing their readers. And do you know why? Because they’re the ones we control. They’ll keep churning out articles and posting them on their sites, but when it comes to taking action, all of a sudden these sites are strangely silent. Why? Because they work for us! The techniques we use with these ‘alternative’ sites are the same ones we use in the mainstream media! We marginalize, we refuse to act, we alter and distort, and we refuse to run material or cover stories by certain people. I mean, why don’t more of these cyberspace people see through our ploys? It’s so clear, and the tactics we use are older than dirt. We’re blatantly screwing them in the guise of providing ‘secret’ knowledge. But all-in-all, these ‘traitor’ sites keep people inactive, and inaction is our greatest ally. It’s only when people stand-up and ACT that our power is threatened. All they’d have to do is ask themselves, which sites aren’t promoting WING, then they’d have a starting point to figure out who the ‘plants’ are.”

    “And what do you expect in the future?” an aged European man inquired.

    “Nothing but the same old shLt!” Rockefeller beamed. “I mean, look at these people. I’ve been waiting for them to rise up and REVOLT for years now, but they just keep sitting around letting us crap on them. We raise their taxes and they do nothing. We allow their Trade Centers to get attacked; then lie about it afterward, and they still do nothing. Now we plan on sending their children into war, and they sit back and take it. If I were them, I’d be out in the streets in a heartbeat with torches and guns ready to string us up by our feet! We just keep shLitting on them over and over and over again … but they don’t react. Why? C’mon, put up a fight!” Rockefeller roared, swinging his fist in the air. “We’re going to kill your damn kids again. That’s all war is anyway – one slave class killing another slave class for us – the ELITE CLASS. Then we make more money, gain more control, and steal more money out of their paychecks. It really blows my mind how they can allow us to steal their money; especially when we don’t pay any taxes at all. We’ve figured out years ago how to get around that nonsense.” Rockefeller took a deep breath and concluded, “Anyway, that’s where we currently stand. We’re still firmly in control, and if the people keep tap tap tapping on their keyboards and sending articles around, then nothing will change and the status quo will prevail. But if they decide to truly organize and stop putting up with our lies, we’ll be out of business before we know what hits us!”


    Please contact every online news site and organization that you know of and urge them to run the following WING article:

    It’s crunch-time, folks. Do you want to take back your country, or are you content with the status quo where things will only get worse?

    Let me know your thoughts on this matter, and please, contact every news group you know and tell them to help us spread the word.

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