re: <b>MICHAELMOU - IQ 140 </b>

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    Crashy: 1b 2d 3d 4a 5a 6b 7a 8d 9d 10a 11b 12d
    B-Linebbl: is there a monetary prize for winners
    Crashy: nah just a big head
    B-Linebbl: k..i wont bother then
    Crashy: its quite hard actually
    Zee: wtf is it
    Crashy: IQ test
    Zee: if thats the q then i failed
    MarketInsider: IQ
    Crashy: men overestimate their IQ while women underestimate
    Crashy: i havent done an IQ test since i fried my brain on drugs
    Zee: yeah i done em for job interview once i left uni
    Crashy: i got 143 back then so it will be interesting to see how much damage ive done
    Roasted_Baron: does anyone know how to spell IQ?.......hmmm well I guess I failed the first part

    Crashy: those last few shapes got me fukd

    Crashy: last 2 questions always impossible

    Crashy: ==>(plokk) i reckon i got about 120

    Crashy: those number sequences got me f.ucked
    B-Linebbl: give us an eg
    Plokk: no idea what i got
    Crashy: 2,2,4,12,140,?

    * Crashy got 78% so far :)
    Crashy; but im protesting Q 44

    * Crashy has 121 IQ

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