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    I think that’s the intent Yak great Satan remember.
    If they don’t help well it’s isolationist and a don’t care policy (look after my back yard first) etc.
    If they do it’s Imperialism, Colonization, Money, OIL etc.

    It’s gotta be someone fault!

    Of course few other countries are in the position to make a difference if required.
    Much better to wait and see if the poo really hits the fan and then decide on a solution.

    The UN lectures us about human rights but for 4 years they have no idea what going on in Iraq or little effect.
    No one wants a War but you really have to wonder about some of the logic.
    I wonder how many saw the program on ABC last night regard white farmers in Zimbabwe does the UN have an opinion on that or is more aid the answer?

    All gets a bit tiresome the propaganda and all.

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