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    Surely this has to be viewed as a positive, good announcement?

    Seriously, think about this. In the last 6 months this stock has come back to less than a third of its highs, those highs achieved on speculation that income would be achieved (new orders) and of course in a bull market.
    I, like many of you invested our (me and her indoors) money at some stage within this up and down cycle because we believed in what we read and heard (i have been to all the meetings, in Sydney, and spoken to JM.)
    Added to this we have lived through the Allegiance dump!

    So here today we read that that the 40 mill shares have been sold to other investors for 5 cents each. I would not invest another 5c in ICP, not in this market, in this financial turmoil, until this turns, or have personally been convinced by the company (not Werley, with all due respect) that orders were at hand. You would have to show me the orders!

    No one shells out a share of two mill $$$ when you can trade them for 4.8 cents, unless you know for sure!
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