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    Now lets not get too excited,assumed announcements in the past have never come when anticipated.
    The directors are treating the former Wer shareholders as a joke and the company can put off relisting for as long as it likes. They are under no obligation to relist (no time frame according to ASX).
    A post some time ago suggested that the shares could relist at about $2, if they are worth that much,why would they have issued that large number of shares not long ago at ,I think it was either 17c or 30c.
    When Werrie shares were delisted a couple of years ago,their last traded price was about 35c and I think the way things have gone since then,most shareholders would be happy with a similar price on relisting of Mwc.
    The big question that hopefully will be answered soon is,
    "Does this technology really work" The markets will sort this out in time.
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