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    Two left wing Jews who use the word Holocaust? They have as much credibility as that woman Helen Darval, remeber the one who wrote that useless piece about the Hand that something or other.

    Re your second post about the Jenin Massacre, I assume you are talking about the one that never happened? That's the same one where Eraket, the Palestinian information Minister claimed 5,000 innocent civilians were killed and that was found were 56 bodies of which 38 were gunmen?

    Or is there another Jenin massacre that took place recently, but somehow none of us know about it.

    You don't go on to mention that though Israel did not co-operate and neither would I when it comes to witch hunts) the Red Cross and the UN did come and carry out an independant assesment and declared "the Jenin Massacre never occured".

    The Israealis lost 33 soldiers because they went house to house knowing that these houses were booby trapped. If they were intent on commiting a massacre why risk so many of their own soldiers when they could have just bombed the whole place from the air?

    I love your selective cut and pastes. They are so superficial and easy to spot!

    You are so full of it!

    Jenin 'massacre' reduced to death toll of 56
    By Paul Martin

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