re: ALERT - Rape in Western Suburbs

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    Thanks for ur reminding, but, the most likely menace is from those muslins but the people like u.

    By the way, r u aborriginals? Maybe just afraid of what u had done on them would repeat on urself ba? I tell u that is impossible, and this is more civilzed world and we are modern beings.

    This world is funny now. The big bu(ll) sh(it) is building up his new dectatorship by the excuse of getting rid of TERRISM. Why dunt he get rid og BIN laden? Today, he disarms IRAQ, tomorrow China, then europ, oh god....... And small bull-shi-ts like u, now kicking muslins, then chinese, then italiano and Greek..... Then all belong to u, aha? Go to hell

    Cheers with the salted water u gonna drink...
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