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re: AEX Quarterly - Wingellina IS a laterite, PAL

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    "Or did I miss something??"

    You sure as hell did mate (straight through to the keeper).

    The guy (kevins) is a c0ckey who lives a stone's throw from me. And, believe me mate, when he calls me an expert, he's being sarcastic. Having a larf cos I blew some dough earlier. Mind you, I sucked him in to blowing a bit of his own too :)

    As for Spludger, check his posts. He's done nothing but sh|tcan everyone who researches this stock for as long as I can remember.
    Unfortunately, he's a bitter lil soul who got his ring burned bad on BDL. He even posted that he wanted his money back from memory. Maybe I should ring Acclaim and ask for mine back too?


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