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re 4000000 issue

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    Just rang see if announcement was maybe a know 0.125.!...hehe. Their spokesman (btw NOT their MD Adrian Ballintine who's probably wondering where to spend his (almost) million dollars...) says that the asx basically stuffed up and changed the title of the release - that in actual fact the 4000000 issued should have come under the announcement title of "conversion of convertilbe notes" which were from a loan given to MUL earlier this year to help keep things rolling. He says, at the time, the borrower was taking a punt to pay .0125 when the price was sitting at .008 and that for it to be passed through it obviously had to wait until the recent agm to be voted, which it did.

    Still, the other ann's can't possibly make MUL holders feel warm and fuzzy including Aide's flicking his own stock....Hey! A 'TIP' where to put the ONE MILLION -

    Plough it BACK INTO MUL!!!

    Hell, I hear Findlays reckon your one million at 7 cents really should be worth about 5 million (- that's at an evaluation at only 35 cents!).

    cheers and goodluck to all that are still holding them.
    I own, and still own (gulp) a piddly amount of mul.

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