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    Price for BIL 's last trade
    Brambles Industries
    price…………(p) ….. change … % chg. .. volume …..
    ….........234.75 .. +5.8 .. +2.51% .. 13713533..
    currency conversion site
    MAY moves up another cent as people take positions for the dividend ,goes ex-02.09.02 payable on 30.9

    I found some good leverage in MAYIPF at 46.5c, strike $4.25 on 26 June 2003,
    maybe enough time for new managment to improve earnings
    Be a bit wary of Sandford
    Just sent me a bill for using their services ,static prices $10.00 a month,
    Think most brokers are feelling the pinch,but some are more greedy than others

    Looks to me as WOW suffered from a little panic selling yesterday
    If you read Corbetts report they still have a good business model in place and opportunity for more growth, and a divvy coming up in Oct.

    The chart shows a drop to be supported at $11.52 which was resistance level back in 21 Jan ,also fills the gap made then ?

    This represents a full Fib retracement from the high on 23.4 of $13.64,

    And looking strong this morning with WOWWMG calls in favour.
    For the Turbo one ,from the guy that never put in.

    Search does not go back any more.
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