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rdf - last chance to buy cheaply

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    RDF released their yearly results on Friday night and as expected they were not good and included a couple of extra one off write downs which were not expected. This caused a bit of panic selling this morning. This is however a historical report and does not reflect the current status of the business which is now profitable and growing

    If you have been following this stock and are still waiting to buy in then this is your last chance to get stock at under 80 cents. These results will be the last piece of bad news this company will release for a long long time.

    The traffic division i now really firing and the profits will gather momentun as each month passes. The communications division while very disappointing in the last 12 months should at least have a breakeven result in the next 12 months.

    If you want a sleep at night stock which should easily be over $2 with the next 2 years then this is a good stock.

    The stock price rise should be gradual over time which is what I prefer
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