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Rare Earth Prices Shortage/ ASM target

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    Hi people from the forum. I want to ask sth. about my latest analysis...Long time investors may be able to clear things up for me a bit..Looking back to 2011 where we saw ALK at around 2$ a share ... i GUESS the reason for that was a rare earth supply problem between china and Japan that made prices the spike back then i see only as a reaction to the rare earth shortage - IS THAT CORRECT ??...back then ALK had 500.000.000 shares.

    TODAY ASM is holding the rare earth business on its own ... and ASM has only 110.000.000 according to that...and if the ducks line up correctly...we could / should be having the possibility to see a similar kind of spike in the near future or right at the week will tell a lot !!

    So how far is the rare earth sector back in 2011 comparable with the situation today...and how could this have a impact on our share price target ?

    coud it be that ASM goes straight to a marketcap of 1B+ ? which would be a sp equal to almost 10 $ or is this all too spaced out optimistic ? i hope we get into that kind of irrational valuation.

    fingers crossed and please correct me where i am wrong, because here is a lot of phantasy..
    Good Luck to all holders.
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