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    Spoke to Jeremy Cooper who surprisingly said I was the first shareholder to ring. Anyway- revenue. The ten grand is part of the Genelabs upfront payment which is structured that they pay the upfront in instalments as they hit milestones. Genelabs 'have barely scatched the surface yet and major revenues from Hep E will not occur until probabley mid next year after the China approval. The Sudan and now Aceh diagnostics to WHO have been free. Revenue will only 'dribble in' over the next few months. Genelabs have not got the product to market yet.

    Regarding my earlier post on Mr Soust; I suggested that one of the options was he was a liar, this is clearly not true and he has kept his word to me. The revenues were just not what we were expecting. Boy, I wish they would explain all of this to the market properly. It does raise the issue of capital raising at some stage in the future.

    My reading is that this is just another bump in the road and that if you are a true believer all is still well although the time lines are much longer than we anticipated. Probabley opportunity to get in and out a few times along the way.


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