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    HOMEX - Perth

    Rambora Technologies Ltd (ASX:RBT) today announced that Magnesium
    Investments Pty Ltd would take an option to licence what the company
    considers is the world's most advanced technology for producing
    magnesium. Canadian-based Alcan International Limited is one of the
    world's major consumers of magnesium for alloying. The licence from
    Alcan provides a new dehydration technology for Magnesium
    Investments' planned Latrobe facility, reducing costs for magnesium

    Using this technology, Magnesium Investments is expected to produce
    high-quality magnesium for the lowest capital costs and lowest
    production costs in the world. Subject to shareholder approval,
    Magnesium Investments is soon to become a fully-owned subsidiary of
    Rambora Technologies Ltd, and holds the rights to the $600 million
    Latrobe Magnesium Project.

    The Latrobe Magnesium Project will pioneer a way of producing
    magnesium from fly ash sourced from the adjacent Hazelwood power
    station. Fly ash from Victoria's Latrobe Valley, a by-product of
    brown coal combustion, is an extremely economical source of
    magnesium, as it avoids the costs of mining and double handling. The
    ash has a high magnesium content of up to 12 percent.

    The agreement between Alcan and Magnesium Investments is expected to
    deliver lower cost production by exploiting the new Alcan Dehydration
    Technology (ADT) which allows an essential dehydration step in
    magnesium production to be accomplished with far lower capital and
    operating costs than other methods. Magnesium Investments will invest
    $2.77 million to commercialise Alcan's patented technology.

    Over the coming year, Magnesium Investments plans to design, build
    and operate an ADT pilot plant. The anhydrous magnesium chloride this
    plant produces can be fed into Alcan electrolytic cells, where
    magnesium is extracted. Unlike older technologies, which release
    significant amounts Of C02 into the atmosphere, the Latrobe Magnesium
    facility will be a net consumer of C02.

    "Clever design will result in a plant with a far greater energy
    efficiency than current methods", said Mr Chris Sylvester, Chief
    Executive Officer of Magnesium Investments. "This agreement is an
    important milestone for us. In any business, savings like these
    compound. Not only will we be producing high quality magnesium, as
    demanded by customers, but the ADT process will give us an edge over
    the rest of the market in terms of costs."

    Enquiries: Chris Sylvester Renate Krelle
    CEO, Magnesium Investments Monsoon Communications
    (02) 9940-3707
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