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Guys. Slightly away from what is being discussed, but still very...

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    Guys. Slightly away from what is being discussed, but still very relevant, is part of an email I received from the WA Premier earlier this year.

    Thank you for your email concerning the introduction of a Bill to ratify the Railway (BB/ Rail Aus Pty Ltd) Agreement 2017.

    I will consider the concerns raised in your email, particularly in relation to commercial agreement for the carriage of ore across the rail with Flinders Mines Ltd."

    The WA government does know that the PIOP is actually Flinders Mines Ltd.

    The Australian press need to be made aware, in the strongest terms, what we the minority shareholders have been, and still are, commercially suffering with this BODs of FMS and BBIG. How they (BBIG) are continuously referring to the PIOP, even to government, but never to that project’s owner (FMS).

    And our BODs doing nothing to correct it. We have no agreement with BBIG they say, so we don’t have to address anything.

    A decent financial journalist could bring the truth to the forefront very quickly and even create a great story of how “the little man’ is being flogged to near death by a large corporate bully and ‘his’ so called BODs whose only real interest is to dispose of said ‘little man’ in anyway and every way
    possible. Just look, at the whole, of what has transpired since TOD became involved with our company.

    Our system is nothing but a joke if that ‘bully’ succeeds.

    Again, the press would be our greatest ally. Anyone know of a top journalist who may consider looking into this attempted financial assassination of we the minority owners of Flinders Mines Limited?

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