radioactive doorknobs !!!!

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    ABC Online;
    Australian authorities have intercepted 67 radioactive stainless steel kitchen handles imported from India.

    The New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation has confirmed the handles were intercepted in Sydney last week.

    It is believed regular Customs checks stopped any of the contaminated product from getting into the country.

    The department's John Dengate says further tests showed that standing half a metre away from five of the handles was the same as having a chest X-ray every 10 hours.

    He says it appears the entire batch was contaminated either in India or a third country.

    "They're radioactive because in the recycling process somehow some cobalt 60, which is an industrial and medical isotope, got into that mix, got melted with it, so the whole batch of stainless steel was radioactive," he said.

    Mr Dengate says the International Atomic Energy Agency is investigating exactly where the handles came from and has already found another 20 radioactive handles in India.

    Dave R.
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