racist scum - alive and well on hc

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    What is it with some of you fools?

    Excited because you have a day off? Or is it because you're bored?

    Can't stimulate your minds with anything academic?

    It seems as though every few months HC has (allows) an outbreak of racial and religious intolerant posts to flourish here.

    After waking this morning, I thought I'd consume news and informed opinion, only to find garbage from small minded fools on HC.

    Of the 200 most recent posts how many are actually about stocks or the market? From memory, I think it was about 15 to 20. ALL of the remaining ones are about race and religion - and barely any of them are civil.

    Let's get back to the intended cause of HC - the exchange of ideas and informed opinions, with an emphasis on markets, stocks and the economy.

    I do not object to discussion on other issues - rather, I support it. But even the intellectually challenged ones here could understand the difference between informed and uninformed opinion.

    Collectively me must lift out acts in '03 or risk HC becoming a fools paradise just like SH did a couple of years ago.

    Happy new year to all, and may we all further develop and refine our trading ability and strategies.

    Best regards,


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