R.I.P. Queensland

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    Turn out the lights Queensland.
    The debt-addicted, Greens-appeasing, soft on crime Labor Party is back after just 3 years.
    The scale of this collective Queensland lunacy is hard to comprehend.
    Campbell Newman was out of touch with his electors and he's paid the price.   But even with his shortcomings, the election of a Labor/Greens collective so soon after their disastrous last performance is beyond my  comprehension.   How could 1.4 million people be so stupid?
    Here is some analysis of the spectacular result for Campbell Newman's LNP in 2012.
    The 2012 Queensland state election was held on 24 March 2012 to elect all 89 members of the Legislative Assembly, a unicameral parliament.[2]
    The Labor Party (ALP), led by Premier Anna Bligh, was defeated by the opposition Liberal National Party (LNP), led by Campbell Newman. It is only the sixth time that Queenslanders have ousted a sitting government since 1915. The ALP was attempting to win a ninth consecutive election victory, having won every general election since 1989 although it was out of office between 1996 and 1998. Katter's Australian Party contested its first election. Before the election, it held two seats whose members had been elected as LNP candidates.​
    Labor suffered one of the worst defeats of a state government since Federation, and the worst defeat of a sitting government in Queensland history. From 51 seats in 2009, it was reduced to only seven seats, suffering a swing of 15.6 percentage points. The LNP won a majority for the first time in its history, jumping from 34 seats to 78 seats to win the largest majority government in Queensland history. It was the first outright non-Labor majority since the Queensland Nationals won their last victory in 1986.​

    Now after just 3 years Campbell Newman is gone, lost his seat and the LNP cannot form government in its own right.   Queensland is in better shape for the Newman Government's 3 year term.   Its wins on crime, gangs and a pro-business mindset had the state moving in the right direction.   Now Queenslanders have said no to that and yes to the Labor patronage machine.
    Queensland has turfed the boring competent managers and elected the people who brought you the carbon tax, busted borders, pink batts electrocutions, shut down of the cattle industry (particularly in Queensland) and hundreds of billions in debt.   This election proves that the people at Labor and Planet Palaszczuk are good at winning elections - and not
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