qustionable finish.

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    It appears to me that CSB bought out virtually all the sell orders yesterday then capped the price by loading the sell list.

    Easy to do because there is very little money being placed in AVL by private investors.

    So today CSB did very nicely - I believe - collecting a large parcel of AVL shares at what hopefully will appear as a very reasonable price after next week.

    However a very small parcel of AVL shares came on the market at the last possible moment and reduced the last sale price by a small margin.


    Perhaps? Perhaps not - but a little sus.

    Well the move to 32 - 33c as I predicted "History tends to repeat itself" comment has virtually taken place.

    There is more in store but I would not be suprised should a consolidation - even slight fall back - take place.

    The buy on rumour sell on fact theory.

    However my previous posted suggestion of close
    to 50cents - (even $1?) by the end of first quarter 2004 still appears plausible.

    As 'nut indicated - next weeks road show should fill the information gap.

    Am not expecting any news not predicted or posted previously.

    The finance issue for stage 2 becoming rather intriguing though.



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