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quote from microsoft-for doubters

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    Some people doubted the level of support from Microsoft,so here is a clip of their actual position.

    "It is great to see that mmO2 has partnered with GoConnect to support m-Vision for the O2 xda," said Howard Gefen, director of mobile operator solutions at Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft is excited about the deployment of m-Vision, and we are delighted that GoConnect has been able to utilize the open platform of Windows Mobile 2002 to deliver entertainment media to mobile consumers. This compelling solution is another great way for O2 and GoConnect to add value for users of Windows Mobile 2002."

    For further information regarding this Media Release, please contact Mr Ng Kien Lock of O2 (Online) Limited on +60 12 3887661 or by email to [email protected]; or Mr Richard Li of GoConnect Ltd on +61 3 99937000 or by email to [email protected]
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