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    The share price drops for what reason?
    1 Who cares, as long as the  big money being spent on this project, and  they are setting themselves up at a fast pace, our investment horizon will achieve it's windfall much sooner than what would be a normal industry time frame.
    2.DT's will be DT's, and so will the impatient and the nervous.
    3.With todays technology, money must move fast, investing and waiting, appears to be a Buffet thing of the past, information, not from the old fashioned newspaper, but a blindingly quick  tap of a fingertip, we shall move this show onward, my money is staling here, and there's a tip over there.

    Type of personal investing in FAR
    1.The investor- probably working a full time job, or cashed up later in life with  the wisdom spirit, and mentality.  Researches the most, and will try to gain best bang for buck, to set forward  future comfort, and will be prepared for a little risk , in the knowledge if all comes to fruition, ones financial aspect of life may change.
    2.The in house DT, well who can blame them, one week steak and prawns, the next, maybe beans on toast, a thorn, maybe to an investor, but in appreciation, they must travel fast, and nail it on every potential decision.
    3.The big coin fellas, with the bottomless money jar to toy with, the power to play the game sometimes leaves others exhausted, but if their motive is to eventually spike the price, we all comeback to a level playing field.

    The whisper
    1.Those that solely rely on "Jonny told me so", and then kick up a whinge, because they were to lazy to DYOR.
    2.One that takes it as a positive, to keep the dream alive.
    3.Nobody to blame here, you either take it with a grain of salt, or you use it as further encouragement.

    Summary- It is what it is, and I suspect a very large part of this team, will still be posting on FAR in six, twelve, and possibly twenty four months time, looking around at the postings of other companies, a lot more brotherhood  and very minor infestations occur here. When all said and done, and after possibly a couple a years of aging, you can almost hear that mighty pop of the cork.   

    Rolling inspired.

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