quiet acumulation ~ calm before the storm

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    Good afternoon fellow adventurers,
    There's been some quiet accumulation of ATX over the past few days through "discount brokers".
    Mmmmm, makes you wonder doesn't it?
    Drilling at The Mount is extending an already proven large resource deposit.....
    Just exactly what is going on??
    Somebody know something?
    Company will be reporting very shortly......
    ATX is very tightly held, by some very fine people indeed, my good self included.
    Could this be the calm before the storm? I'm beginning to think this is the build up before break out.
    Time will prove me right or wrong, but Iv'e paid for my ticket and am on board for the ride, wherever it takes me.
    Cheers all and good luck to fellow owners.
    PS ATX personnel have been sighted in Coolgardie today, as have HER staff.
    Begs the obvious question???????????
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