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    Volume is increasing, could be a trade here, could move to 2.8 to 3 cents

    Seems to be breaking consolidatin point and upside, the
    Company's first phase expansion plan in the United Kingdom is
    reaching fruition.

    The Company has secured all necessary telecommunications licences for
    conducting its business in the UK. The Company's licences under the
    UK Wireless Telegraphy Act and the Telecommunications Act were issued
    in 2000. The former licence has an indefinite duration; the latter
    has a minimum duration of 25 years.

    Phase 1 of the UK business plan, which will consist of 16 base
    stations and cover the M25 ring of greater London, is expected to be
    commissioned for trialling purposes in November 2002 and to be fully
    operational in 1st quarter 2003. Phase 2, to commence in mid 2003,
    will expand along the motorway arteries to reach as far as Preston,
    Bristol, Portsmouth and Dover.

    In the UK, the Company will be concentrating on marketing
    applications of the technology which have been developed by its R & D
    staff located in Adelaide. The investment in R & D since 1 January
    2000 has been over $5.5 million.

    Applications have been developed for a wide range of customers
    including consumers, businesses and governments.

    Our patented spread spectrum radio technology demonstrates
    significant benefits over other technologies and has a strong
    pedigree having been developed over many years in conjunction with
    British Aerospace.

    The Company's radio networks, and its mobile and fixed transponders
    and data messaging products, offer higher levels of security,
    accuracy and affordability than other available systems.

    By combining tracking with data communications in a single
    technology, the Company is capable of supporting a wide range of
    telematics and telemetry applications. Other uses of the system
    include lone worker protection and law enforcement - for example, the
    tagging of offenders. Conventional tagging can only confirm that the
    offender has remained within the permitted area, but with wide-area
    tracking based on low-power device, he can be tracked wherever he may
    go. QuikTrak's tracking function has certain advantages over GPS in
    respect of interference and signal power, making it more appropriate
    for security systems. Furthermore, QuikTrak will also work reliably
    as a body-worn device indoors.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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