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    Hi, i just saw an announcement by eagle eye metals where they have mentioned they are in negotiations to acquire substantial additional mining tenements, which they are looking at starting a spin off company.

    I know gold is something that gdn isnt really working on at the moment but they do have projects in leonora and laverton. Since the main projects for gdn is the gas well and they have already done a spin off for the uranium is it possible since not much work is happening at the projects in perth that they might be talking with eagle eye metals about the 2 projects?

    Just a question since eagle eye metals says today they are in negotiations for projects in that area, gdn has projects in the same place which they aernt working on, and gdn seem to working on the gas project and uranium projects most recently. Would they spin off their projects in perth and just work on the gas and oil project?

    Most likely wrong about that but just thought to mention it when i read the announcement.
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