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    ern code is now active on hotcopper Drilling is next year sometime i would guess...they will probably release a timetable with how and what the plan will be...maybe some soil test/rock chip sampling early on too.
    They would obviously have to do a spp...but dilution will be minimal at these prices.
    They have enough to get the process all started...maybe a spp next year.
    We have all entered very early in this and there is along way to go. But everyone has to remember if what the radiometrics say are true, this could be a potenital 40 billion dollar find.
    Only 40,000 shares were dumped at 44 by 4 sellers... so looks like abit of a panic sell at the end.
    Of course this is all IMO and DYOR ;)
    PS.. we're all on the ERN thread now
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Currently unlisted public company.

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