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    Sent an email off today and got a very quick response - most impressive!

    1. Are the offshore offerings now tied to the onshore leases that are up for grabs for Cityview? Or are the offshore leases something separate.

    The offshore leases are something separate.

    2. Are the minerals concessions via Fortitude and the diamonds linked to the oil leases in Angola at all?

    The minerals leases and the diamond concessions are not linked, although the good work being done at the Longonjo minerals project certainly enhances our reputation within the government and the local community.

    3. With the team in Angola, are the terms of engagement the same as previously known or expected by the company, or are there new "wrinkles" such as the $100M facility requirements?

    As far as I am aware the rules have not changed, the team in Angola is there to negotiate, I don't believe that there will be any further requests coming from left field such as the 100m facility, if there is, then the group on the ground would be able to cover most issues.
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