Questions for our "PM"

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    Seeing the last week or so has effectively turned everyones focus on internal fighting, and TA has now stated he will be more consultative........ can we, the people who actually did have a say in who governs.... have some straight answers to get back to the things that matter.

    Hows the budget going, or is it scrapped???
    Why is Manus Island costing 10 times the original cost???
    Hows the doctor visit payments going???
    Whats the alternative to the Parental Leave scheme???
    Is business still to pay 1.5% levy ,or not???
    Can the new planes shoot yet ???
    How can I find my $550 pa savings I was supposed to get ???
    Are the welfare rorters being investigated???
    Is the overseas tax havens for major companies being investigated ???
    Is the government checking on "Halal" certification ???
    Whats the latest on the Submarines ???
    When will Badgery Creek Airport be even started ???
    Has any roads or infrastructure underway for the new airport, or are we leaving it to the NSW LNP State members to announce at election time ???
    Why am I still struggling with internet reception ???

    Just a few of the many questions you need to now focus on.
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