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    once they get the money that day they will announce the directors and then it will open they WILL NOT open with no news on funding they can not be that silly too.
    Specially if they choose and are going to do a CR just can’t happen.
    Don’t think this will happen but it should,
    the people that kept there money in CR should get the same deal if they choose or have to do another CR.
    But that won’t happen because money already in the SAS bank I guess.
    But it’s a bit stiff if someone put in $15,000 and
    Now they do one at 1.5c and only needed to put in $7.500.
    SAS at the very least give these people options that are worth the discount from 3c,
    So if they do CR 1.5c then they should give someone that put in $15,000
    250,000 options.
    Does not affect me because I pulled my $120,000 out but it would be fair
    And if sas can get over 5c in 3 years those options can be bought and money back in SAS so win win.
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