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    I've drafted up points of discussion for tomorrow as listed below;

    - Funding has always the main issue facing SAS from many shareholders perspective. Recently the change has been made to go global given the better opportunities for revenue. I want to question why did SAS make the change so late in the game? The CDR for the Pearls is now redundant for the medium term and it feels like money has been wasted in regards to the Pearls. How do you justify that?

    -Given the change in constellation, how many of the MOU's are still valid for the 6U's?

    -How much revenue can be expected from the first batch of 6U's? Given the first batch is operating at max capacity, how much revenue do they have the potential to bring in?

    -You had two reputable directors walk away from the company and it's not a good look. Can you offer any comments regarding the matter?

    -Knowing where the company is now, is there anything you would have done differently from the start or do you stand by your decisions?

    -I was told over a year ago that funding was priority and that many options are on the table but ever since SAS has only been coming to the ASX to raise funds with the exception of the recently bank loan that comes with high interest. From the outside looking in it doesn't appear that SAS has a strong support from share holders and those 'other options' have been exhausted. How do you respond to that?

    -I know the diamonds are now used for test purposes but what happened to the Diamond capacity purchase for 500K revenue per year that you announced with Sat Space Africa?

    -Do you know how much more money is required to complete the build, launch and whatever else is needed until the company is generating cash revenue?

    -With the recent loan, where did the NASDAQ condition come from in the conversion loan terms? Is that a standard condition that is part of the lenders term or have you got long term plans to duel list on the NASDAQ?

    Depending on how we're going for time I'll also question the need for another CDR and why the original Pearl design is not viable to use in place of the 6U's.
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